News Headlines
Thu. Oct 8th 2020
Congratulations to all of those that won during the September Lottery Calendar Drawings! Also, thank you to all of those for the hard work of selling tickets to help make the calendar fundraiser a su...
Tue. Mar 24th 2020
COVID-19 Operational Guidelines as of (05/26/2020)All operational personnel please click the link to access the current special order for COVID-19 operational guidelines. This document will be update...
Tue. Sep 3rd 2019
The new school year starts today for kids in the area. Please be alert, be patient and be mindful for students waiting for school buses in the mornings and then again in the afternoon as children are...
Sun. Feb 3rd 2019
Ambulance and Rescue crews from 3 states assisted with the early morning fire on West Potomac Street in downtown Brunswick which displaced 11 people, leaving 2 injured. The blaze took 40 units approx...
Sat. Feb 2nd 2019
In the early morning hours on Saturday February 2nd, the Swift Water Rescue Team members from BVAR participated in Ice Rescue Training at Whittier Lake, as part of their ongoing dedication to providin...
Ambulance 197
2012 Ford F-450 / Life Line
Ambulance 198
2008 Ford / Horton
Ambulance 199
2006 Ford / Horton
2014 2014 Polaris Ranger 6x6
ATV19 is a 2014 Polaris Ranger 6x6 with a KIMTEK MEDLITE Transport Deluxe skid unit and custom light package.
Boat 19
2013 DIBS Inflatable Sled
Rescue Squad 19
2009 Spartan / Marion
Support 19
2011 Ford F350 Crew Cab 4WD
Carries complete Required Equipment to meet Frederick County Water Rescue Response for Boat and Technician Level Personnel
Utility 19
1999 Ford Expedition

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